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Banquet & Conference

Classic Royale
Classic Royale is the place to hold your conferences and events. It has played host to the top events of the State and the region starting from the top level Government functions to reputed companies holding their various events. We have hosted ASEAN level meets at Classic Royale, bringing words of appreciation for our hospitality and service. Classic Royale has also hosted the first TEDx event in the state.

Facilities: Capacity of 200 pax with centralized AC, automated light control, wide screen inbuilt projector, inbuilt public address system and a separate buffet area.

Classic Regency
Middle size banquet cum conference hall with a maximum capacity of 80 pax in theatre style which has centralized AC, automatic light control, inbuilt projector, inbuilt projector, inbuilt public address system and an open break away area which can only be used depending on weather conditions.

Classic Regal (Board Room)
If you are looking for an intimate gathering place to have your meetings, look no further than the Classic Regal

Outdoor Catering
We have now branched out to Outdoor Catering service as well, bringing to you our choices dishes and cuisines to sample and enjoy. Having catered our Presidential visits and Ministerial get together in the state, we offer our quality service of outdoor catering right in your homes and offices for your choice of occasions.