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Banquet & Conference

Be it a high profile meeting of dignitaries or a private celebration for individuals, the hotel provides the room with the required facilities for all the important occasions. Some of the most memorable meetings of our time were held in one of these halls. Classic Royale, Classic Regency and Classic Regal offer the right choice for the right number of people.

Classic Royale has a capacity of 200 Pax in Theatre Style, 80 Pax in Cluster Style and 50 Pax in Rectangular Style.

Classic Regency can host a gathering of 80 Pax in Theatre Style, 40 Pax in Cluster Style and 25 Pax in Rectangular Style. Both these halls provide PA System and Multi-Media facility for presentation.

Outdoor Catering
We have now branched out to Outdoor Catering service as well, bringing to you our choices dishes and cuisines to sample and enjoy. Having catered our Presidential visits and Ministerial get together in the state, we offer our quality service of outdoor catering right in your homes and offices for your choice of occasions.